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Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies

Nothing compounds or exalts weddings perhaps more than these two events. Receptions and Ceremonies are the bedrock events to good and well planned weddings. There are all kinds of pressures to come good while at the same time keeping things flowing effortlessly without headaches, pressures of planning and execution.

For Watford wedding venues, an idea that perhaps would seem practical and indeed cut costs to a great extent is to have both events in the same place or in close proximity to remove any necessity of guests traveling long distances from one venue to another.

Ceremony always precedes reception and as each has its own programs; their unique arrangements should rhyme to create a flow of harmony and continuity and entertainment for friends, family and special invitees.

Same Venue Ceremony and Reception Advantages

Order of Service

Timely order of service can be adhered to easily but more so the fluid flow of events is maintained.There are several unique benefits and advantages to having same venue for both events.

Wedding Budget Costs

Reasons have a Destination Wedding

Weddings are among the most celebrated events in a person’s life. There are many ways in which this celebration may be done some prefer a small, intimate wedding, while others go for a big, elaborate one.

Another way in which some couples choose to celebrate their wedding is to have it in a different location. Weddings like these have been called ‘destination weddings’ because the whole event is done in a destination that is farther from where the couple are based. The destination does not necessarily have to be very far; it can be in any of the reception venues in Tagaytay and it will still be called a destination wedding. It is possible to have a destination weddingand not have your guests worry about where to stay in Tagaytay or wherever it is you are planning to have yourwedding.

Still, if you are undecided whether to ask your guests to travel quite a bit to attend your wedding, below are some reasons why you may want to have a destinationwedding.

It can double as

Dress style of bride in a Punjabi Wedding

In India, there are so many communities and each community follow different culture. Their style of celebrating festival, wedding ceremonies and some other special occasion is also entirely different. Each of them follows their own ritual process as well as performs ritual activity on behalf of their supreme lord during ceremonies. One of the most important things is that all those communities are strictly bounded by their rituals and customs. No one can go against his customs. Among all communities, one of them is Punjabi community which is well known for their vivacious and enthusiasm. Punjabi is considered giant hearted which can be seen in their daily life as well as in their wedding ceremonies and festival.

Punjabi wedding is full of happiness and enthusiasm. People of all age enjoy the wedding happily and it can be seen during their dance program (Bhangra and Gidda). Their wedding is celebrated in a traditional way and the people attending the ceremony are also dressed up in traditional attire. Generally, Women prefer wearing Suits while men’s prefer Kurta

Choosing the most Perfect Wedding Cake

Can you think of a nuptials without wedding cake? Your answer will surely be, “No.” But the most amusing thing is that we pay secondary attention to the wedding cake after the marriage dress, venue, wedding photographer and all such things. As a result, many of us end up purchasing a cake that either appears too cheap for a gala nuptial ceremony or mismatched with the theme.

Do not let something like this happen to your matrimonial occasion. Select the choicest of wedding confectionary for adding that spark t your D-day. Here are some tips on how you can select wedding cake for you nuptial ceremony.

Conceptualize the aesthetic appeal

Buying a wedding cake never means that you will drive to your nearest confectionary shop and pick the most expensive and the biggest cake displayed insider the showcase. You need to conceptualize the design and the look of the wedding cake that will harmonize with your taste and theme of your wedding. Once you are definite about the look of the cake, sketch it somewhere so that you can hand over the sketched replica of the cake to a confectioner well in advance and get

Style Occasion with Wedding Decoration

Wedding functions take months of planning to make them perfect. Each factor does hold its importance when it comes to marriage. Wedding decoration can ruin your budget if not be done carefully. We have come up with some wonderful ideas to beautify your wedding without hampering the budget.

Venue of Wedding

This is the most important factor while talking about a marriage. It can create a hole in your pocket if not be chosen wisely. The best way to save money is to choose a wonderful location. If the setting is beautiful then there is no need to enhance the space with much pomp and show. For this, you can consider options like a public park or a bed and breakfast. Even you can go for an art gallery that will allow you to save thousands of bucks. Small town locations cost you much cheaper than big city venues.

Flowers Decoration

Flowers are the most beautiful element to adorn any occasion. They are not much expensive as well. You can also forgo greenery and save huge amount of money. Consider the idea of cutting branches with twinkling lights that will enhance the appeal of

Things to remember on Wedding Day

For the bride and bridesmaids

My first piece of advice is to go to bed at a decent time the night before. It’s really tempting to sit up late talking but you have an extremely long busy day ahead of you. You may not sleep well either so the earlier you go to bed the better. Plan a breakfast that is high in protein and carbohydrates. You should eat and this sort of food as it will take longer to break down in your body and keep you going better. Remember that you won’t get a chance to eat until your wedding breakfast which could be mid-afternoon.

In the morning wear a button-up top, a very loose fitting top or one that you don’t mind cutting off! If you don’t you risk spoiling your hair and make-up. Think about whether you want to wear your bra too. Depending on your dress you don’t want unsightly marks. Remind your bridesmaids to do these things too. A great tip, if your dress goes over your head is to put a pillow case carefully over your head first (to protect against make-up smudges) before you put your dress on. Have at

The Perfect Dress Material and Makeup Products for Wedding

Don’t forget that this wedding celebration is about commemorating your passion and inviting your friends and family to see a glimpse of that you are.

Don’t be afraid to do wedding hair and makeup ideas a little in a different way, your visitors will value and remember your day all the more for it! For member of the family which have actually passed away or could not physically be there with you, put on something of theirs to make sure that they are with you. It could be a lapel pin tied to the bow of your bouquet, your great aunt’s pearls, or your grandma’s bandana.

  • Choose a special ceremony beginning time, like the local time that is proposed to you.
  • Serve your cocktails from a “something aged, something brand-new, something borrowed, something blue” menu.
  • Take wedding hair and makeup ideas from unique folks associated with the wedding event for their favourite old/classic alcoholic beverage, a new/modern alcoholic beverage, a preferred obtained special alcoholic beverage dish, and a blue cocktail. It’s a festive means to obtain the event began!
  • If an ice sculpture is a have to have, go for a martini lunge. It’s a terrific accent to every

Wedding Locations in London

f you are getting married any time soon, you know that the most important thing that has to be done is to fix the place where the wedding is to take place. Finding the right place for the most important day of your life is half the job. Many of the luxurious places that allow people to hold such events require that they should become members by paying an annual fee. But some of the venues in South West London for weddings do not make this mandatory. You can schedule your important dates and days even without being a member there.

Excellent settings

There are many companies that offer sites for different functions and special occasions. But not all of them may be suitable for you to get married in. Wedding venues in South West London that are being offered to those who are or were members of the Royal Air Force offer the best possible settings for your most eventful day. This is a club that is steeped in rich history and will provide the perfect backdrop. The rooms are very elegantly designed and laid out. The walls are adorned with rich and historic pieces

Way to get Right Partner

There is no denying with the fact that internet has changed our lives in every manner be it shopping online or finding the suitable partner for the perspective bride and groom.

Matrimonial attempts begin with finding the right Bride/Groom. Earlier, the source to find suitable partner were relatives, friends and other acquaintances but now the scenario has drastically changed with more number of people relying on matrimonial websites and portals.

Matrimonial Websites are a complete package. They are informative; give you broad information on prospective brides and grooms listed on the site. To browse information, you can refine your search according to social status, religion, caste, sect, profession, etc. Also, you can get complete information about a girl or a boy listed on such sites, only if you are allowed to access the information.

When you register on a Matrimonial classifieds, Premium packages allow you to chat online with the one you are interested to know more about. Besides, you can share your likes, dislikes, exchange views in order to more about each other. All this is very simple and convenient for users as they don’t have to take leave from their office to meet

Ways to keep Marriage Alive

When you got married, you believed that your marriage was going to be one of the exemptions and wasn’t going to have a lot of marital strife. You couldn’t have imagined yourself in a circumstance where you would need help. Well, it just didn’t happened that way. Don’t worry, You have a lots of company. And a lot of people have gotten help and made their marriage work before you. And you can too.

1. Admit That the Relationship is Bad Enough That It Needs Help

You’ve got to come to grips that the marriage is not going to repair itself. You should be getting help. Make a decision. If it’s not getting any better, make the choice to get professional help.. You should not wait one day longer hoping against hope that it will get better on its own. Make the decision and get some type of counsel. The longer you try to pretend that it’s really not that big of a deal, the worse the situation will get. So, admit you need help.

2. Don’t even the think about letting something like embarrassment or shame keep you from making a wonderful decision to

Choosing Songs for a Wedding

Since couples nowadays are more hands-on in preparations than before, several of the aspects of the wedding itself can now be personalized. In fact, one of the favorite aspects of the ceremony that couples often spend a lot of time on customizing is the music, from the very first parade song to the selection of dance songs in the reception itself.

If you would like to personalize your own wedding song selection, here are some tips you might want to consider.

  • Check the church rules. First thing you need to do is to check if the church actually allows changes in the selection. You see, although a lot of churches are now open to couples choosing their wedding music, some churches still remain adamant in keeping the traditional ones. Churches like San Agustin Church have some restrictions when it comes to songs for the wedding. So before you spend a lot of time browsing through your albums for the perfect songs, ask permission from the parish priest and church administrators. Whether you are having your wedding at Binondo Church or some other church, first if you can make some changes to the wedding music and then

Wedding Reception Place Card

Place cards are essential in maintaining order in the reception area. They make locating your seats much more convenient and less time-consuming. However, they can also provide quite a challenge to the couple and the wedding planner, because designing them and creating them takes some effort too.

Whether you are having your reception in Casa Manila Patio or anywhere else, place cards are very important in keeping your wedding organized and your guests well informed. If you are planning to use place cards in your wedding, here are some great place cards ideas.


Instead of regular cards, you can use laminated cards placed inside water-filled flower vases. Trim the cards to make them look like fishes or other sea creatures and you are set. It’s certainly creative, relatively inexpensive, and definitely unique.

It may take some time though to cut the laminated cards, but the rest of the procedure should be fairly easy to handle. You can also vary the label by using numbers, letters, or words that are more appropriate to the theme of the reception.


If you have candles on the table, you can use them as an

Tips for Long Term Relationships

Congrats! You’re engaged in or you’re in a genuine long term relationship. You’ll be making a fully new area the one you will work in as a couple. Solid unions comprise of numerous parts. The most significant element is, obviously, the relationship itself. Useful issues should additionally be acknowledged, for example, funds, family arranging, and family commitments, none of which appear to be especially sentimental. Deciphering how you will handle these issues is fundamental before you say, “I do.” Unfortunately, numerous relationships have finished on the grounds that the couples didn’t examine the huge issues before they got married. Correspondence and tolerance are two different elements of an enduring, euphoric relationship. So figure out how to convey, and all the more imperatively, how to tune in. Triumph at building and supporting an agreeable relationship hails from comprehension and tolerating your mate’s mistakes, sentiments, and estimations. This essentially implies you might as well appreciation them when settling on your own choices.

Keep the Engagement Short

When you have made the choice to get hitched, don’t hold up! Long engagements are an exercise in futility. When you adore one another and you’re certain, there’s no motivation to hold

Myths and Traditions for Wedding

The bride’s symbolic walking down the wedding aisle with her father to her side.

This tradition dates back to an age when daughters were thought of as the property of their fathers and were ‘given away’ on their wedding day to become the property of their husbands. Most brides continue with this tradition in modern times as it has become a symbol that their father is giving his blessing. Many brides do opt to do something different, for example walking down the aisle with another family member (maybe if their father is no longer with us) such as brothers, uncles, stepfathers or their mothers. If they have older children many chose to walk with them, again often as a symbol that they give their blessing. Many couples who perhaps are older and do not have any parents still alive chose to walk together as a family with the children if they have any. Some grooms choose to walk down the aisle with their mother’s to balance things up!

Wedding rings being worn on the left hand fourth finger.

This tradition started way back in Roman times as they believed that the vein in this finger

Business of Wedding Invitation Cards

WEDDING“, a single word is enough to make multiple beautiful images in our mind. Almost everyone dreams about the wedding and at the day of wedding it looks like that the fairytale story comes true.

Wedding ceremony is common event that comes in almost every religion and we like to celebrate this occasion with our guest and never forget to invite them. To attend these guests and relatives it is also important to inform them. There are many ways in our modern life to inform everyone and invite them for wedding but the trend of invitation cards has their own importance for every wedding ceremony. Inviting by wedding cards is very old trend coming from many years ago and it is developing day by day according to needs and life style or choice of person. It has been changes their shapes, text and many more changes comes and still in progression. Wedding card gives first reflection of wedding to your guest and almost everyone like to use cards to invite and nothing can stop this. So if we want to make career in this non-ending business is not bad idea. We have seen many companies and those

The Father of the bride Speeches

A wedding speech is the thing that makes the occasion so uncommon in numerous nations, particularly in the Usa. The point when the custom of marriage is over, the visitors head off to the wedding gathering. Furthermore the nourishment and beverages, some other component makes the gathering a fascination in individuals father of the bride speeches, best man speeches, so on et cetera. Just those nearby the family have this benefit of giving a speech in addition to a toast, and here we are set to discuss the particular case that the bride’s father is offering.

Regardless of who’s giving the speech, the words are well picked, from the heart, and uncover minutes that the speaker has existed with one of the euphorically wedded. Some are truly amusing, some are moving to the tears, yet we all love that some piece of the speech when the speaker recounts a clever anecdote about the husband to be or the bride, either from their adolescence, or their adulthood.

Notwithstanding, with regards to conventions in wedding speeches, the request is exceptionally significant. On a day so astronomical as your wedding day, you need to determine everybody talks one at

Things to make a Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Wedding Invites are the most important part of any wedding. It is not only announcing, your wedding to your Friends, Relatives and Family But the write up also shows about the ceremony information in a very unique and impressive way. It gives an imaginary feeling to all the guest about the events happening at the venue and for the wedding.

The invitations should be short and very simple to understand. Very clear with the dates/days. Small venue location map gives an idea about the correct location.

Wedding Invitation Tips
Send your invitations early, Say about two months prior to the wedding. Keep them simple and neat, Event location should be available.

Mehendi day is a very important day for the bride and for the groom for different cultures. It is an incomplete affair without family & relatives. Everyone’s gathering is important as the would be couple gets blessings from elderly people and family.

Tivoli offers great venues for a big mehendi celebration. Also, small mehendi functions can be arranged in our authentic venues.

Wedding decor plays a very important role for any event. Every event has its own

Stylish Wedding Bag

Everyone knows that there are lots of arrangements being looked after ahead of the D-day, such as reserving the marriage place, deciding on the caterer, organizing the venue decorations in addition to, most essential – shopping. A handbag is among the primary add-ons for a girl. Consequently, purse is also an important part of the bride’s clothing. Wedding bags are usually designed for keeping the own things of girls. Right after purchasing the most beautiful dress as well as corresponding shoes for wedding party, the time has come to check out the ideal wedding bags to seem like an angel. These bags are back again with a hit, soon after being away from fashion for a couple of years.

Generally, these women purses being designed to hold cash along with a few other things such as keys, lipstick, handkerchiefs, mirror as well as other sorts of small things. Most of the online sites and shops which focused on wedding party outfits are usually keeping clutches for the wedding brides. You can find several kinds of bags which you can use along with a range of outfits including the cultural, the classic, the official as well as the

Wedding Invitation Cards for Wedding Ceremony

Getting married is a very big thing for any couple, as they are stepping into a new relationship with new mind-set up at that stage of life. With the importance of the day stress of making everything perfect, sometimes we neglect our wedding invitations.

The wedding invitation is the very first impression on guests will have about the wedding. We all know first impression is the last impression, so attaining appropriate attention on a wedding invitation is very important, so guests can have an impression of your wedding on mind and share the stage with blissful memories of your special day and expecting your big day to be remembered in a good way.

It is worth of making your wedding invitation different from others, as our relatives received a number of invitation whole years of same type; this makes your invitation stand out from different from others invitation.

Sometimes we overlook or neglect the content of our wedding invitation apart from Date, Time, Venue and other significant information which we want to share with our guests, we should consider the content also, and that context and design of the card leave an image of your

Wedding Planning Ideas Unforgettable

Your D-day is arriving in a few of weeks. Marriage happens once-in-a-lifetime, and you want to capture every moment of it so that you can hold it as a memoir for life. But, it needs a thorough planning to make that day memorable. If you desire to gift your loved ones or yourself an evening to remember for life; you need to sit down and discuss everything with your to-be-spouse. It demands a collaborative planning to arrange the evening so that two families can relish the moment together.

To help you get an evening that fills your every moment with joy and happiness; here are a few of wedding planning ideas that can make your wedding a celebratory affair.

Get a big picture
You need to get a clear picture of what kind of wedding you want. Whether it should be traditional, modern, or contemporary one? Do you want a destination wedding or not? How many guests are to be invited, what is your budget, what would be the menu, and what kind of attire you want to wear for the occasion. Once everything is planned, it is easier to make things fall in place.